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Distance Learning Parent FAQs

Evaluations/Section 504

Yes, referrals from parents and staff will continue to be accepted. Each school's Section 504 case manager will continue to process 504 referrals and schedule 504 meetings at a mutually agreed upon date and time. Meetings will continue to be conducted virtually through any district approved platform.

Can my child still be referred for a Section 504 evaluation?

The Section 504 case manager will generate a Notice of Consent to Evaluate. A parent can access the document from the parent portal of EdPlan or can request it via email from the 504 case manager. The parent has the option to return the signed consent form electronically or through a scanned, hard copy to the section 504 case manager.

How do I give consent for a 504 evaluation? 

Evaluation appointments will be scheduled by lead dyslexia evaluators at approved building testing locations. District safety health guidelines will continue to be followed.

How will 504 dyslexia and dysgraphia evaluations be completed if my child is participating in remote learning?

If you choose not to bring your child to an approved location for an evaluation, the evaluation cannot be completed through other means. You will be emailed the “Notice of Delay of Dyslexia Evaluation” document to provide you with more information.

What if I do not choose to bring my child to the scheduled dyslexia or dysgraphia assessment?

You can call our Section 504 Dyslexia Services office at 972-581-4107 to re-schedule.

What if I missed my appointment and need to reschedule my child's evaluation?

All 504 meetings will be held via a district-approved virtual platform or phone conference to limit exposure to committee members, students, and other campus staff.

How can I participate in my child's 504 meetings?

Individual Accommodation Plans (IAPs) and Services

Students participating in remote learning will have an IAP Amendment that is applicable to remote learning. The IAP Amendment may also include accommodations that require a parent to have a role in implementing accommodations that are specific to medical needs and behavior. A parent will have to consent to any parent based accommodations. Dyslexia services will be provided via an approved virtual platform.

Will be child receive their 504 services and accommodations if I choose remote learning?

When making your decision you might consider:

  • Will your child be more successful when offered shorter, diverse activities that engage them through hands-on learning?

  • Will your child require a larger amount of your time and energy when it comes to supporting remote learning?

  • Can your child maintain a daily routine with your guidance?

  • Are you and your child comfortable with using technology tools to access learning?

  • What is in your child’s best interest for health and safety?

Considerations for On-Campus vs. Remote Learning